• Giving a Chance

    Education is a key pillar to alleviating poverty, SOSUCARE at giving the boy and a girl child to have chance for education

  • Giving Hope
    To the Helpless

    Alleviating the suffering of the poorest of the poor.

  • Hunger is stalking the globe

    81 Million people are in need of emergency food assistance.

Who we are

SOSUCARE is a non-profit organization that saves lives, improves health for people affected by poverty, and empowers communities to achieve social justice through innovation, research, and community collaboration.

SOSUCARE was founded with a vision of “A healthier tomorrow for all people”.

Key Programs

Food & HealthCare

SOSUCARE’s food security and livelihoods programs tackle the root causes of hunger by addressing problems of production, access, and income. Encompassing a wide array of activities customized to meet a community’s specific needs, our programs are designed to bolster agricultural production, jumpstart local market activity,.....


Our SOSUCARE Education Programs aims to increase access to quality formal education delivered in a safe environment for the displace and under privileged Groups in South Sudan....

Water,Sanitation & Hygine (WASH)

During emergencies, SOSUCARE aims at trucking water into affected areas and install storage tanks and reservoirs. Where water is scarce or unsafe, we intend to drill and decontaminate wells, install hand-pumps, protect natural springs, tap aquifers.....

Child Protection

All children have the right to protection. They have the right to survive, to be safe, to belong, to be heard, to receive adequate care and to grow up in a protective environment.....

Peace Building

Through the effective use of presentations targeting relevant topics by experts from SOSUCARE, participants were able to exchange ideas and share their experiences on peace building and reconciliation...

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Giving enables us to work towards building the world we would want to live in-—one that's safer, healthier, more stable, and happier for all of us.

Join other good willed persons in changing lives of the poor and threatened people in South Sudan. Make a difference today.

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