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The gentleman agent?

Not long ago, I had to call my agent, whenever I wanted insurance for my car. This is the same guy, the guy who even handled my dad’s insurance needs since he bought his first Peugeot 504. Now, apart from the many forms I had to fill, all from a particular insurance company, this gentleman also requested for my car logbook, my KRA pin a copy of my ID and… I can’t remember what else he demanded! After filling the forms, which took a bit of my busy schedule, I gave him the required amount of money and he brought the certificate to me in the evening of the same day! Was I happy? Of course! But the waiting…I am busy!

Of QCOVERED and a whole new world of Insurance

 Today, a close friend called to inform me of a new way of getting an insurance cover at the click of a button. It is called QCOVERED! I visited  and   read about it. It is an amazing online insurance shop!  I filled their application form on my phone in like 5 minutes  and attached all the mandatory documents, in two minutes they gave a variety of Insurance Companies, allowing me to pick a favorable quotation, I made my payments to them via Mpesa and in a split second I received a call informing me that a rider was on his way to deliver the certificate at my doorstep! That was supper fast!  Amazing, isn’t it? You got to try it… QCOVERED got ya!


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